Some serious A-listers just pledged allegiance to the girl power movement...decades later.

Nicole Kidman, James Franco, Milo Ventimiglia, Keri Russell, Riz Ahmed, Alexander Skarsgard, Millie Bobby Brown, Jodie Comer, Rupert Friend, Sanaa Lathan, Claire Foy, Johnny Flynn and Brit Marling all showed off their pipes while belting out the Spice Girls' classic "Wannabe" in a video for W magazine to help celebrate the 21st anniversary of the song's release. Yeah, it's now officially old enough to legally drink.

Still, "showed off their pipes" may be a little too strong a description, considering how many of these stars chose to read the lyrics, instead. While we give a lot of credit to a very involved Brown, we can't help but think Kidman is trying to seduce with her sexy reading. Is it warm in here or is it just us?

We're in the middle of a serious retro '90s renaissance. First, Sesame Street blessed us with a "Sabotage" video and now we've got this motley crew letting us know that the Spice Girls' signature song is still a force in pop culture. Viva La Spice Girls!

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