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One thing I learned as a home school parent Is that it is hard work being a teacher. When I first decided to home school, I knew that I could do a better job than the options I had, in the neighborhoods we lived in & with the finances I could muster up. In the beginning, I was literally just winging it. When I became exhausted, frustrated and/or reached the point where my daughter’s school work became too complicated to assist her with; I just paid someone else with much more expertise....and patience, to do it.

It’s true teachers come in all forms, but there are the chosen few who decide very early on to make educating our children their life’s work. They put in long hours, often times spending extended periods away from their own families and are often underpaid and underappreciated. Yet, they still make it a point to come to work every day to be a huge source of encouragement and inspiration not only to the children they teach, but to their families as well.

Our educators need to be recognized. They need to be uplifted. They need to be praised. THEY NEED TO BE PAID! The things they do for us, by way of our children, is immeasurable. As they battle all over this country for proper compensation in cities across America; cities very similar to ours; let us find quantifiable ways to extend our gratitude for all they do. There are ways big and small to show how much we care, and out of respect, we should all make it a point to find a significant way to at least try.

One of the ways you can actively show your appreciation is by filling out this form to nominate a stand-out teacher to be featured as the Subway Texoma Teacher of the Week. Tell us a little bit about why this teacher deserves to be recognized. It doesn’t matter the why, all that matters is that you think, they rock!

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