Nude in Oklahoma? And we aren't meaning the people you might find living in their own little world on Lee Boulevard in Lawton, Oklahoma. There is actually a high-class, professional, legal way of strutting your stuff. This park in Oklahoma seems as normal as any with yoga, 5K runs, trail walks, even yard sales. The catch: it's the largest naturist park in the entire state.

Oaklake Trails Naturist Park in Depew, Oklahoma is the one and only place in the state that visitors can strip down and truly enjoy Oklahoma life in the freeist way possible. Nestled between two massive cities, Oklahoma City and Tulsa, the tiny town is perfect for privacy and freedom.

Depew, Oklahoma is tinier than most towns, only having 395 people living there. Main street has more paintings of businesses that once were lining the road instead of actual open stores. But just 5 and a half miles northwest of the town, out in the boondocks, is where you can experience nature to the fullest.

Visitors can camp, enjoy the cabins on site or hook up their own R.V. While staying, the resort gives everyone opportunities to meet people and share the experience with others during hosted events like their themed 5K run they hosted for Memorial Day.

Canva/Oaklake Trails Facebook
Canva/Oaklake Trails Facebook

If visitors would prefer the private, quiet route, there is no pressure to expose themselves more than they're comfortable with. There are serene trails perfect for a solo walk and more.

Although Oklahoma is currently fighting severe weather practically every week this spring, Oaktrails is prepared to keep everyone safe - including pets. How incredulous that most communities in the state don't have available storm shelters for families, but everyone has somewhere to go at the resort.

Canva/Oaklake Trails Facebook
Canva/Oaklake Trails Facebook

Although Oklahoma is a truly conservative state that usually wouldn't take to naturist practices well, a summer in the sooner state can change just about anyone's feelings about how they stay cool. At least do it legally and maybe even have a little fun in the meantime.

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