For Pride, PAPER is sharing exclusive online content and online covers. In the mag's most recent cover, Nyle DiMarco of America's Next Top Model and Dancing with the Stars poses shirtless while his striking blue eyes peek out from under a red hat that reads "Make America New York."

DiMarco, an extremely good-looking man who is Deaf and also a model, identifies his sexuality as fluid. He tells PAPER his thoughts on the aftermath of this public Twitter revelation.

"I was surprised at the reaction because they all were positive," DiMarco says. "So many people related to me, both women and men. So many felt a sense of relief because they weren't the only one. I immediately saw the importance because I know so many deaf people struggling with identity. They learned about me, that a Deaf-identified person can be successful."

And as for dating, you won't find DiMarco on Tinder...for an amusing reason.

"I got booted several times because they thought I was an imposter!" he says, adding that he looks for potential partners "through friends, work, parties — and maybe Instagram!"

Uh, time to Insta-follow DiMarco if you're not already doing so, single peeps!

Check out his PAPER cover below, along with an adorable video of DiMarco bouncing in his briefs on a trampoline.


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