Here in Oklahoma, we're catching fish on (and off) boats, swimming, even mudding in trucks and jeeps. When it's hot outside, we're in the water somehow, someway. Not often will you see anyone surfing, though. But in Broken Bow, that's changing - and with one of the newest ways of surfing, too.

What Is eFoil Surfing?

eFoil Surfing uses an electric surfboard that sits above the water and allows riders to surf in any condition. According to professionals at Topwater eFoil Surfing, an eFoil surfboard is "an electric-powered surfboard, or eFoil for short, [that] glides above the water. Thanks to a mast under the surfboard to which an underwater wing​ ​and a motor are attached, the surfboard takes off."

*As of Jun14, 2024, their website is down for an unknown period of time. To schedule, please call: 832-537-3697.*

Who Can "E-Surf"?

In Broken Bow, Topwater eFoil Surfing is the first in the state to offer electric surfboarding for everyone. Supposedly, these boards make surfing easy for everyone, including beginners. If you've never surfed before, Topwater has staff always there on the water, ready to instruct riders.

Heck even the kiddos can join in on the fun, some people never even stand while surfing and still get up to the top speeds on these levitating surfboards, up to 25 miles an hour.

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How Expensive Is It?

Often, Topwater has sales and specials in honor of holidays and days of remembrance, like for Father's Day. It is normally $100 an hour, for up to 2 hours, and two riders can share one board. Only adults over 21 can rent the eFoils with proof of ID and be able to lift and carry 50 pounds. Those under 21 can ride with adult supervision, but the rental will still need to be secured by an adult.

Keep in mind Topwater is only open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. They do take same-day appointments, they generally ask for an hour advance before booking.

Is It Dangerous?

New riders don't have to face many challenges, even with the board being electric. Top advice for things to be aware of on an eFoil surfboard is to stand correctly on the board, don't go far from safety and keep your eyes up to prevent any wrecks. It almost just as easy as a hoverboard.

What do you think of flying on an electric surfboard? Tell us your experience on the app. 

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