Olivia Culpo was recently asked to put more clothes on before she jetted off to paradise on a flight with American Airlines, which seems to be afraid of flyers showing a little skin on their planes.

In a viral social media post, the former Miss USA's sister Aurora Culpo revealed the airline asked Olivia to "cover up" before being allowed to board her flight. The siblings were heading off to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with the model's athlete beau Christian McCaffrey.

"Olivia and I are going to Cabo and look at her outfit," Aurora said on her Instagram Story Thursday (Jan. 13), showing Olivia's outfit, which consisted of a chic black cardigan, sports bra, biker shorts and a face mask.

"She looks cute," she added. "She looks appropriate. No."

Aurora Culpo, @auroraculpo Instagram
Aurora Culpo, @auroraculpo Instagram

Aurora then noted what happened after the airline caught a glimpse of the 29-year-old's OOTD.

"They call her up to the desk and tell her that she needs to put a blouse on, otherwise she can't get on the plane," she continued. "Tell me that is not so f----d up."

Aurora then took a moment to troll the airline bysharing a screenshot of similar clothing to Olivia's. "Get kicked off @americanair starter kit," she jokingly captioned the pic.

Olivia shared her sibling's video on her own personal Instagram Story, writing, "Oh now I'm confused lol. Is this inappropriate/offensive? Leave it to aurora to cause a scene. Hide me."

So she could board the plane, the Model Squad alum threw on a gray hoodie belonging to her boyfriend. She shared a photo of the NFL star on the flight wearing just a T-shirt, apparently cold. "When you freeze bc ur lady dress inappropriate AF. Exactly how Jack from the Titanic died," she joked.

Fashion influencer and NFL running back McCaffrey — who plays for the Carolina Panthers — celebrated his and Olivia's two-year anniversary just last year.

"I wuv you Christian! Happy anniversary. You are the hardest worker with the biggest heart," Olivia captioned a snap of the pair. "Getting to see you work your butt off every single day to make your dreams come true has been such an inspiration to me and your sincerity in everything you do makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. ps your dance moves are [fire emoji] Love, Owivia."

Apparently getting kicked off flights for showing too much skin is common.

TikTok star Ray Lin Howard — known as @fattrophywife — shared a clip showing her being booted from a flight for being "fat, tattooed and mixed-race." She claimed she was escorted off the flight because her "stomach was showing" while seated.

"Harassed by @alaskaair," she captioned the clip. "A flight attendant called the airport police and told them I wouldn’t keep my clothes on after lying and telling me it was against their policy for my mid drift to be showing."

Turkish influencer Deniz Saypinar also shared she was not allowed to board an American Airlines flight last July due to how she was dressed.

According to the Daily Mail, the bodybuilder was wearing a brown crop top and cutoff jean shorts. She claimed, "They literally didn’t take me to the plane because they say, ‘You’re naked and you offend other families.'"

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