I have a large hammock but I don't have two trees close enough together to hang it on. I checked online for one of those metal hammock stands but once my husband found out what I was looking for he got involved in the "research".

Of course none of them were big enough, stout enough, the right size, the right color and finally the right price! I have to admit my husband is very creative and is pretty darn good with a welder. We decided to make one ourselves.

We found a plan online for a wooden hammock stand and modified it to make it out of metal. David likes working with metal, not so much with wood. If it can be welded or cut with a torch or chop saw...he's on it!

Here was the plan, we found it online at My Outdoor Plans

Hand Built Hammock Plans

We used 2" - 16 gauge square tubing to make ours.  We knew we needed to have the top of the hammock at least 14 feet apart. My hammock was 13' from one end to the other. We knew we would have to have it at least 4.5 to 5 feet off the ground to allow for stretching once we were in it.

We cut 2 - 35° uprights (both ends cut to this angle), 4 - 2 foot legs to stabilize it, 1 - 12 foot length for the bottom and 2 angles for the inside braces.  Here is a gallery of photos of our progress.

Now, to sit back and enjoy it!

Relaxing in the Hammock
Enjoying the fruits of his labor!

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