Your dad is probably a pretty cool dad, but is he "reenacts Overwatch character victory poses" cool?

Since arriving on the scene in full last summer, Blizzard's Overwatch has been a staple in just about every gamer's rotation. No matter what hot new releases have arrived since, the dedicated players always return to the futuristic first-person shooter for some of the best team-based action there is on any platform. Continually updating the game with new character skins and victory emotes throughout the year is also a big draw for a lot of players.

Since launch, there have been nearly 300 different skins released for the various characters and more than three dozen different victory poses. While cosplayers have made it their mission in life to recreate all the various cosmetic changes characters like D. Va, Reinhardt, Pharah and Mercy have undergone, not as much attention is given to the new emotes. That's where Nick Luciano's dad comes along to separate himself from the rest of the tucked-in polo shirt and loafers crowd.

Spotted by Mashable, Luciano's latest YouTube video captures the patriarch of the family doing his best to bring all the classic Overwatch victory poses to life with nothing but some garden tools and a great attitude. Using the weed whacker as a stand in for Reinhardt's hammer was an inspired choice, but truthfully it's the spades as Tracer's pistols that won us over.

The lengths to which the senior Luciano is willing to go to engage in his son's hobby is impressive, as not many dads would consider standing around on the patio flexing like a gorilla for all the world to see. Of course, this isn't the first time Nick has captured his dad doing some great and goofy stuff in the name of video games. You can see the father/son team doing the same for Mortal Kombat fatalities, Super Smash Bros. taunts, and some Street Fighter II victory poses over on his YouTube channel. Just try not to be too jealous that you can't get your parents to do the same thing when you ask.

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