Apparently being a member of one of the greatest groups of all time and one of the richest and most popular people on the planet isn't enough for Paul McCartney. Now the dude wants a free T-shirt to go with his knighthood and power to shut down Times Square.

As you can see in the above video, the Beatle known as the Cute One back in the day made an impassioned play for a free T-shirt at a Brooklyn Nets game last night. Never mind that he currently ranks No. 21 on the Forbes list of super-rich celebrities or that his recent tour was named one of the Top 20 of the year.

We're pretty sure McCartney can afford, like, several hundred thousand of these T-shirts. Hell, we're pretty sure the guy shooting them out of the cannon probably would have just given McCartney one in exchange for an autograph or something.

But people love free s--t. Doesn't matter if it's an extra onion ring with your appetizers at the Applebee's down the street from Dick's or a Brooklyn Nets T-shirt that probably won't fit after it's washed three times. And it doesn't matter if you're a working-class dad who wants to see a smile on your little boy's face or a gazillionaire who hasn't worn a T-shirt in 40 years. People. Love. Free. S--t.

We're guessing McCartney wasn't as enthusiastic when the free hot dogs were fired his way.