Scraps of paper might cost you big bucks! That is if those scraps are handwritten notes from Sir Paul McCartney! In a recent Gotta Have Rock And Roll auction, Paul’s script notes for the ‘Take It Away’ music video sold for a whopping $25,941.00. The starting price was $10,000, and the 7th bid was the lucky one!

What basically amounts to a screenplay for the ‘Take It Away’ video was full of notations and directions from McCartney. Beatle items are always in high demand, but items like this are truly one of a kind!

The song comes from his 1982 solo album, ‘Tug Of War’, which also spawned the hit duet with Michael Jackson, ‘Ebony & Ivory’. Drummer Ringo Starr and producer George Martin both played on the original recording and also make appearances in the ‘Take It Away’ video. ‘Tug Of War’ was Paul’s first album to be released following the death of John Lennon and featured the song ‘Here Today’ which was Paul’s tribute to his fallen brother.