Peter Amend, longtime manager for Scorpions, passed away yesterday. There are few details on his death at this time, but the band did post a statement on its Facebook page in both its native German and in English mourning their late friend.

On September 1st 2014, our dear friend PETER AMEND passed away.
PETER AMEND was more than just a manager and economic and legal consultant for us. He was an important part of the Scorpions and was also a driving force in the artistic and strategic decisions of the Band with his infinite knowledge and his sensitivity to the music.
Due to his advice and influence we achieved great international success in recent years.
PETER you will always be in our hearts forever and a day.
R.I.P. Yours Scorpions
Klaus, Rudolf, Matthias, Pawel, James

Amend became the group's lawyer, manager and booker in 1991, and has been with the band for the past 23 years, a period in which Scorpions released a half-dozen new albums and toured quite frequently, despite persistent and recent rumors that they were breaking up.

Their most recent album, 'MTV Unplugged in Athens,' which was released earlier this year, features a set of stripped-down classics recorded in Greece in September of last year. The group plans to celebrate its 50th anniversary with a new album and tour next year.