It seems sort of incredible today, but the Beatles recorded their first album in a single 12-hour session -- and to celebrate its 50th anniversary, an eclectic group of musicians is coming together to try and record a new 'Please Please Me' exactly the same way.

VVN Music reports that the session -- which is part of a BBC documentary -- will take place on Feb. 11. Although VVN's report doesn't offer a complete list of the artists involved, it does name the Stereophonics and former Simply Red frontman Mick Hucknall as a pair of participants, and adds that "While many of the artists that will be involved are modern, a couple of names from the past will be on hand."

The BBC's Radio Two station plans to broadcast the entire session live, with the event being edited down to a television special -- aptly titled '12 Hours to Please Me' -- that's set to air four days later, on Feb. 15.

BBC Four exec Richard Klein, who's supervising the session as part of a series called 'The Golden Age of the Album,' enthused, "We're taking a look behind the scenes of a really exciting moment in popular music history when some of our most iconic albums were recorded, and trying to discover what are the essential ingredients that make an album great."