1073 PopCrush Presents: Beyond the Game is a digital series created to promote the academic accomplishments, philanthropic activities and future endeavors of local student athletes. The athletes featured in this segment are from the Cameron University Women's Basketball Team.

Oftentimes in communities all over this country, there is no shortage of sports lovers going above and beyond to show support for male dominated sports. They usually have no issue procuring the financial sponsorship they need to allow their programs to thrive; and community attendance and support are usually given and maintained with ease.

Work hard and give it your all everyday because nothing is guaranteed. ~ Ava Battese

Unfortunately, female athletes do not get the same sort of necessary support as male athletes in terms of funding nor in community patronage and participation.

Tanika Gentry
Tanika Gentry, Townsquare Media

In 2018, a personal endeavor of mine is to use my gifts and talents to show support for my community. I've already decided that one of my goals is to show solidarity with, and actively contribute to, the endeavors of other women in the community who are going above and beyond to reach their goals. Call it a New Year's Resolution, call it just being a decent human being.

This series was specifically created to support athletes, or better yet, female athletes in our local community. The idea is to venture into their lives “Beyond the Game” to reveal who they really are, and why they don't just need, but they deserve better efforts of our support. It was also created to show younger students the responsibilities of being a college athlete and hopefully encourage them to pursue higher education and connect with the community.

The Cameron University Women's Basketball Team have a game today, Saturday, Dec. 2nd against Tarleton State. The women play at 2p and the men play at 4p. Please make sure you come out and support both teams.

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