Every week at PopCrush, we’re putting the spotlight on one up-and-coming act you need to know about. Why? So you can get on board early before everyone else and their mother jumps on the bandwagon…and so you can be that one friend in the group who’s always like, “Um, actually, I prefer their earlier work.”

Meet your new end-of-summer crush, Tep No.

The Toronto-based artist is currently topping the digital trending charts — but wasn't always mashing buttons and making sweet melodies. In fact, it was only two years ago in 2014 when Tep opted to kick his then-burgeoning acting career to put all his focus into music.

It's evidently working so far: the up-and-coming talent is responsible for crafting several remixes and productions that have since taken off, including "Promises," last year's "The Last Ones Standing" (which went on to get some BBC radio love, as well as placement in a Michael Kors campaign) and a fabulously sax-y and lush take on Lana Del Rey's "Florida Kilos."

This year, the Ultra Records signee is coming in strong (and smooth) again with his latest track "The Best Crew," which wiggled its way up to No. 1 on HypeMachine and recently entered Spotify's Viral Charts.

The lush, laid-back electronic jam is immediate in its appeal, providing the perfect soundtrack to some end-of-summer nostalgia to sit alongside Justin Bieber's EDM-inspired latest (a la "Company") — and perhaps some regret. "I wanna go back in your arms / And unsay the things I said to you," he pleads above the lightly pulsating beats.

Today, PopCrush is bringing you the premiere of the appropriately nostalgic visual for the song, which you can now watch above.

"'The Best Crew' is about someone wanting to get back with their ex, their group of friends get shattered and it feels empty without one or the other person. They want things to get back to normal again," Tep explains to PopCrush.

Ride off into the sunset with Tep No and his crew, and make sure to keep up with him on Twitter and Facebook.

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