So you've won the lottery — congratulations! What should you do with the money? That, plus a crazy person attended a Donald Trump rally and everyone hates Nintendo, in this evening's Pop Bits:

If You Win the Powerball Lottery, Don't Take Your Payment in a Lump Sum

The Powerball lottery pot has surpassed $700 million, making it the second-highest total ever (and counting). And if you manage to get the right six numbers, it may be oh so tempting to just take the cash all at once, but don't do it! Take the (far less sexy) annuity option. Also important to remember: The odds of winning are 1 in 292 million, so you are not going to win the lottery. Sorry!

The Guy With the 'Blacks for Trump 2020' Sign at Trump's Rally Is, uh, Crazy

You may have noticed the guy behind President Trump holding a sign saying "BLACKS FOR TRUMP 2020.COM" at last night's rally in Arizona. That dude is, well, a bit out there. Actually, waaaaaaay out there. He's a former cult member who was once charged in two murders and runs a website that, shall we say, stretches the truth.

Relive Your Election Nightmares With the American Horror Story: Cult Trailer

"Just when you thought you were over November 2016, they throw in clowns. See the horror that unfurls post-election in the first full trailer for American Horror Story Season 7, and its coulrophobic Cult." You don't have to, of course, but you want to.

Everyone Is Rightfully Mad at Nintendo Today

The highly anticipated Super NES Classic was available for pre-order on certain sites early this morning, for about half an hour. Then it was sold out. Some folks even lost access between clicking on "BUY THIS ITEM" and "CHECKOUT." Sometimes it's hard to avoid the feeling that Nintendo actively dislikes their customers.

ESPN Removed Announcer Robert Lee From Calling Virginia Football Game

Because his name is too close to "Robert E. Lee," the Confederate general whose statue sparked the recent white supremacist riots in Charlottesville. Come on, ESPN.

Women Taylor Swift Has Written Songs About:

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