Warning: Video contains adult language.

Sometimes life imitates art; others the art does the imitating. But in the world of professional wrestling, the two often collide head on, as they did the other night during a match in San Diego.

Wrestler Joey Ryan was involved in an "intergender" match with a female competitor named Laura James. When the referee was struck and became "unresponsive", Ryan thought it would be the perfect time to break character and ask his girlfriend, Laura James, to marry him.

She said yes. And then, with the referee "revived", he pinned her. It seems Laura was distracted, and forgot she was wrestling the man who claims to be "bringing sleazy back". Her distraction wasn't lost on Ryan, who quickly grabbed the opportunity to secure a win.

But as you can see from photos taken after the match, apparently all was forgiven between the love birds. Congratulations to the both of them.

video and photo courtesy of youtube.com/Joey Ryan

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