At this time of the year, one of the biggest worries of parents is the safety of their children that will be going door-to-door. While parents usually accompany younger children on their trick-or-treating travels, older children venture out on their own. Police have their hand full track those individuals that have been convicted of crimes that should keep them away from children.

Websites have begun to appear that allow parents to track locations where convicted sexual offenders have registered their residency. With kids going door-to-door, sometimes in neighborhoods they may not be as familiar with, it's probably a good idea for parents to do some research to let them know what areas they should avoid. Most major municipalities have begun listing their registered offenders on these sites.

This information is intended for no other reason than to inform and protect the public at large, and should be used for no other reason. is one source of this infotmation and you can find listings for Lawton and the surrounding areas. Another good source is Simply clink on the links and enter your city and state and a list should appear.