We have a bucket list or at least things we want to do and see before our time is up. Some want to learn a new language, some want to visit an exotic country, others simply want to chill on a sunny sandy beach. But how about trying something more unconventional – check out our ridiculously fun ideas to put on your bucket list!

Forget about that trip to Morocco, or even going on a blind date. We have better ideas of how you can spend your time! No one will have a better bucket list than you if you use these ideas:

  • Speak with an accent for an entire day
  • Catch a fly with your bare hands
  • Play hide-and-seek in a mall
  • Scale a building, dressed as your favorite superhero
  • Snorkel in a public fountain
  • Invent a flavor of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream
  • Eat a banana in all fifty states
  • Pretend to be a Walmart greeter and greet everyone with awkward hugs
  • Go to Australia and ask random people where to find 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney
  • Run into a store and ask what year it is. When someone answers, yell, “It worked!” and run out cheering

What are some of your funny bucket list ideas?