Going green(-adjacent): Rihanna has debuted a brand new turquoise hairstyle, and it's just another masterpiece to add to her expanding catalog-o-locks.

Rih, who showed off a long, black hairdo just two weeks ago at the Valerian premiere, switched things up in a big way Sunday (August 6) when she uploaded a collection of photos to Instagram that had her looking like a Troll doll-gone-sophisticated.

"when yo hurr ready for crop ova," she captioned one shot, referring to Barbados’ Crop Over festival. Rih hit up The Elevate St Tropez party, according to The Daily Mail, where she sported a detailed denim jacket, black boots, Balenciaga cap and nails that matched her new choice of hair-hue. 

And fans went wild over the Anti singer's new look. One noted in the comments "F------ slaying my life with this hair omg," and another wrote "When blue is actually the warmest color."

Rih's previously sported long, flowing red locks, a short, brown crop, a high blond bouffant and a buttery shag.

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