If you see Rush in concert during their string of Canadian shows this summer, you won't just be treating yourself to some great live music -- you'll be helping a good cause in the bargain.

The band has announced that it plans to contribute a dollar from the purchase price of every ticket sold for the shows -- five in all, taking place between July 10-26 -- to the Unison Benevolent Fund, which offers "counseling, emergency relief, and benefit programs for the Canadian music community who face personal or professional challenges due to hardship, illness, unemployment or economic difficulties."

The Fund announced Rush's involvement in a press release, saying, "Whether it’s a favourite song or an album by a treasured artist, music impacts our lives. Every recording and show requires an invisible network of professionals working collectively to create all the music that is important to you. The majority of this team are self-employed or freelance contractors. They usually live without the support of a safety net and when a crisis occurs its impact can be devastating. Thanks to Rush, Unison will change that."

As Unison points out, most musicians -- in Canada and elsewhere -- are self-employed; according to recent labor statistics, most Canadian musicians earn less than $20,000 annually (and have college degrees). While none of the guys in Rush need to worry about where their next meal's going to come from, they clearly remember what it was like to struggle financially, and their efforts to make a difference deserve to be commended.