The second Saturday in August here is usually extremely hot. And it also means that the town of Rush Springs, Oklahoma has expanded its population from 1,800 to well over 20,000. 

The annual watermelon festival is going on through this evening at Jeff Davis Park on State Hwy 17 in downtown Rush Springs. There are many vendors for arts and crafts, food, entertainment and the star of the show the watermelon's.

We spent a good part of this morning walking around and enjoying the hospitality of the people in Rush Springs. The melon we ate was cold and sweet. It is anticipated that there will be over 50,000 pounds of watermelon served today.

A slice of Americana. This small town festival is just another part of what makes our state so great.  The festival runs through 8pm this evening, although the carnival rides may be open longer.  You will probably get a great deal on watermelon's on the way out of town as well.

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