This year's already been stellar (or STELLAR, eh heh) when it comes to solo releases from our K-pop girl group favorites, including not one, but two releases from Girls' Generation alone: Yoona and her enchanting "Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway" and Taeyeon's nostalgic "Rain."

The time has come for Secret's Jun Hyoseong, AKA Hyosung, to have her own fun...again.

A little less than one year after releasing her debut EP Fantasia, the multi-talented South Korean singer and actress is already back at it with another independent venture — this time with her Colored EP, released on Monday (March 28).

And if "Find Me," the lead track off of the collection, is any indication, Hyosung might fare just as well on her own moving forward.

Colored (reference!) by strange synth flourishes throughout (which lend themselves to some ace handography in the MV), the uptempo club cut finds the pop princess giving herself up entirely to her beloved: "Things became clear as soon as I saw you / Light filled my heart / Let me show you from my heart," she swoons. (Translated to English, of course.)

The video's an even more instant sell than the song: Within the first twenty seconds, she's already serving all the armography one could ever hope for in a red, glittery corset. There are also a very light bondage moment with the singer, looking helpless while all tied up. Hyosung needs someone to find her — stat! Expect to see the singer cycle through at least a half dozen more looks as she dances her scattered memories away, ranging from ethereal flower angel to ice queen, in your quest to find her and hold on for dear life. (Also, watch out for flying chairs and glass bowls.)

And for those of you yearning to see an all-dance version of the track, Hyosung's recent live showcase should supply all those wavy hand-across-chest movements you need to memorize and practice in the privacy of your own home.