Sia doesn't need dollar bills to have fun, according to "Cheap Thrills," and, as of this morning (April 8), doesn't need anything but a piano to blow the roof off of a live set.

While the singer's newest LP This Is Acting features sweeping synth builds and drum-fires pronounced enough for 21-gun salutes, she scaled back six fan-favorite tracks for a Spotify Session collection released today. The early verdict on the set, which was recorded live at The Village: If you're a fan, it'll probably have you jonesing for six additional contributions. Oh, and you'll need cochlear implants after (but they'll be worth it!)

Between a rousing rendition of 2013 pop-breakthrough hit "Chandelier" that doubles the oomph of the original recording to a ballooning, explosive "Broken Glass" adaptation that builds like a series of skyscrapers, the production might have rendered less seasoned artists throatless. And, yes, maybe "Alive" has been done to death (THAT'S SOME FRIDAY HUMOR FOR YOU), but here, Sia breathes new texture into the anthem, decorating it with new head-voice riffs and resolute vibrato that could have been eclipsed by the studio version's bells and whistles.

Sia's also given "Cheap Thrills" fans something to scream about with seven new remixes of the song — featuring offerings from Hex Cougar, RAC and Nomero — which are now available for download on iTunes.

Listen to Sia's latest above, and share your thoughts in the comments.

Here is What Sia's Face Looks Like Sans Obstruction: