What began as a routine training exercise of some new sonar equipment turned into the discovery of what could possibly be the close of a 40 year and 50 year old missing person’s case.

Covered in mud and rust a 1952 Chevrolet and a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro were discovered in the depths of the Foss Reservoir located just west of Clinton, OK.

Darrell Splawn, a diver with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, was sent down to investigate a week after the sonar detected the vehicles.

While down there he discovered the vehicles were right next to each other but facing opposite directions. Upon discover the trooper felt a shoe when he located an open door on one of the vehicles.

“It didn’t really cross my mind as to a body being there. It could have just been a shoe,” Splawn said.

When the cars were brought to shore skeletal remains of six people were discovered.

Authorities are now trying to positively identify the remains and try to figure out what happened and how the vehicles ended up at the bottom of Foss Reservoir.

Investigators believes one of the vehicles belongs to a missing teenager who disappeared with two friends in 1970, and the other to belong to a man who disappeared in the 1960 with a friend and a sibling.

Much time has passed in these two cases, that the son of one the missing persons is question is now 85 and suffering with dementia.