We jump outside our usual classic rock realm to bring you the most glorious Christmas light show we've seen all year. This eight-minute-plus tribute to Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman, who passed away earlier this year, is a must for any hard rock fan.

It was created by a man who will go down in heavy metal history as Slayer Bob, who our good friends at Loudwire point out has done impressive tributes to Metallica and Machine Head in the past. But this could well be his masterpiece. This impressive show, which takes over his entire house and front yard, features four Slayer classics -- ‘Hell Awaits,’ ‘Angel of Death,’ ‘War Ensemble,’ ‘Raining Blood’ and ‘New Faith' -- performed by an extremely animated elf on drums and Santa Claus himself on lead guitar.

Various text tributes flash on the tree in the front yard at different points, and we even didn't mention the twin gigantic sets of devil horns. Bob was apparently planning to focus on newer bands for this year's show, but the May 2nd death of Hanneman made him decide to annoy his neighbors this way instead. "I had to do one last Slayer tribute," he explains at the start of the video, "With the time that I had, I was able to create this light show. This one goes out to all the fans of Metal, and especially Jeff.”

This is without a doubt the first time in our history we've ever covered Slayer twice on the same day. Early this morning we were delighted to learn that bassist Tom Araya and guitarist Kerry King carry Sting, Paul Simon and Elton John on their iPods. Still, our favorite Slayer classic rock moment remains this photo of King hanging out with Styx.