Big names popping by 'SNL' for brief appearances stopped being surprising a long time ago, but there's something really special about Barbara Walters stopping by Weekend Update. Maybe it's because Walters (with her 50 year television career) is a much bigger deal than a flavor-of-the-minute celebrity. Maybe it's because she's obviously a really good sport about how 'SNL' has mocked her over the years. In any case, it's an oddly sweet and weird scene in a season of the celebrated variety program that's pulled out all of the stops when it comes to being sweet and weird.

Walters is introduced with a series of clips from over the decades showcasing how 'SNL' has portrayed (and mocked) her over the years. If Walters still takes these digs personally, she certainly doesn't show it on camera, trash-talking the 'SNL' crew with the best of them. When she's called out for being on 'The View,' Walters is quick to point out that the Weekend Update crew aren't exactly journalists, either. It's a funny bit, exposing Walters as game, funny and self-deprecating. Considering the source of her jokes, it also exposes the 'SNL' writers of being capable of making fun of themselves, too.

The highlight of the scene comes when Walters announces that she's going to use her real voice for the first time on camera and ... well, we won't ruin it for you. Watch the clip for yourself above.