Saturday Night Live paid homage to Bravo breakout star and performer Erika Jayne on Saturday, November 4 with an aptly-titled skit called "New Wife."

In the sketch, Larry David, playing an elderly lawyer, throws a party to introduce his colleagues to his hotter, younger, "gay famous" new wife, Candace, who's big with the "twinks, daddies and even the techno-sluts."

Played by the wonderful Cecily Strong, Candace is a delightfully pitch-perfect (albeit amplified) caricature of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, from the flashy mini-dress and thigh high boots, to the towering bleach blonde ponytail, to her no-nonsense wit. (The way she sarcastically snaps at her husband's friend as he questions if they met at the Mykonos located in Greece is superb: "Yas, fool!")

She's also a total queen—you know, of the flashy gay night club variety—as she and her troupe of half-naked male dancers bust out an impromptu, somewhat inappropriate performance of a pulsating electro-pop song not unlike Jayne's real-life singles "XXPEN$IVE" and "How Many F---s."

On Twitter, Jayne took the playful skit in stride, laughing it off:

Meanwhile, Jayne must have some major fans at NBC, because this isn't the first time the star has been referenced on the hit comedy show. Earlier in the year, Jayne's song "XXPEN$IVE" was featured in a Lip Sync Battle-esque sketch starring Chris Pine.

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