Before you hop on your keyboard with your "This isn't rock and roll..." blah blah, I can't think of anyone from my own generation that doesn't at least know the chorus to Gin & Juice... All music is music, it counts.

So I'm scrolling through my newsfeed and this thing pops up talking about how you should come get your picture taken with Snoop Dogg out at Apache Casino Hotel. Hold my beer, instant click! Then I see it's a cardboard cutout of the rapping Long Beach Pop Warner football coach. Brilliant.

I'd imagine the idea is just about the same as the Major League Baseball was last year. They didn't have any crowds in the stands, so they put up massive amounts of cardboard cutouts of celebrities, characters, real life fans, etc... Now I'll admit, I don't have disposable income in that gambling column of my budget, so I would have never seen this first hand, but the hilarity of tossing dice or robbing the one-arm-bandit with Snoop or any other celebrity cutout might be worth the trip inside if only to spend five bucks and grab some selfies.

Come to think about it, the few casino's I've been to in Vegas, I did just that. Cardboard cutouts and wax figures of famous people still dominate that one weekend in my Facebook memories tab. I literally took a drive to Fort Worth just to see taxidermy at Cabela's. This is here, local, down the street, and honestly worth those internet points.

I wonder which celebrities will show up next week? This could just become a "thing."

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