You and I have already had a conversation about how active the winter weather has been, and if predictions turn out to be true, we'll be adding to that pickup conversation by Monday.

The National Weather Service in Norman has issued a "significant weather advisory" for most of Oklahoma over the next few days. Winter is coming again.

All of the frozen fun is supposed to start tonight in Northern Oklahoma... Rain will become sleet and eventually snow. No accumulation is expected as it starts, but that's not the call for the rest of the week.

As Thursday evening commences, periods of freezing rain and sleet shall transition into bands of snow. Pretty much every county in Western Oklahoma is included in this prediction, from the Kansas border to all the way south of Wichita Falls. The expected average accumulation is up to two inches.

As Spring Break kicks off Friday at quitting time, I have plans to take my nephews trail-riding in Northeastern Oklahoma over a four-day weekend, and the forecast just gets worse for up there... up to five inches in the place I have to be Friday evening.

Luckily, they say this round of winter weather will conclude by noon on Friday, there's no telling what the highways are going to look like since that's about what time I have to get on the road in order to keep my word to my two favorite humans.

In all of the years I've lived in Oklahoma, give or take twenty, I cannot ever recall snow or ice this late in the year. Normally when you get sleet in March, it's big and everyone calls it hail, but that's just splitting hairs.

Enjoy the cool temps for at least another weekend. I'll be ankle-deep in the fresh powder riding dirt bikes with the boys. Here's the official weather rollout straight from NWS.

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