It is officially here! The shopping season got underway with a few early deals last night and more happened with the 'Black Friday' frenzy this morning. But if you have not a clue what to buy someone or you have a few extra bucks to spare, here are a few gifts that will have everyone talking after they are opened.

  • 1


    This is available at Bed Bath and Beyond. In this tech savvy age, get them started early and they'll be able to do both before they can even walk.

  • 2

    Kentucky Scented Candles

  • 3

    Prank Packs

    First, even if you have no intention of buying these, we hope you'll click on the pictures to see bigger photos of each box.  They are so well done and so funny, that we just want you to enjoy it as much as we do.

  • 4

    Bacon - Bacon - Bacon

  • 5

    Outdoor Home Theatre

    What will it be tonight? A four-course al fresco dinner with a side of jazz? Or, popcorn and a flick on the patio? A toss of a coin reveals it's movie night, but with over 300 films to choose from, you opt for a double feature of an apocalyptic drama followed by a tried-and-true tearjerker.

  • 6

    Life Sized Height Chart

    What child does not like to see his / her growth progress on the door of their room? With this gift, it is not only personalized, it is permanent.

  • 7

    World's Largest Scrabble Game