So your traveling along a stretch of road in the Lone-star State and not really paying attention to the time of day. You are probably wrapped up in thoughts of where you are going or coming from, the music on the radio or maybe in conversation with some one else in the car. Before you know it, the sun is down and you are still trucking along at the speed you think is correct when out of no where the familiar blue lights form a Texas DPS car, Ranger or Sheriff. You get pulled you over and they commence to tell you in no uncertain terms that you were breaking the law.

What? What law did I break. I clocked you at 67 mph. Did you not know that the limit at night is 65? How many have had that speech give to you? Yeah. The night time 65 speech. Mine came on New Years Eve 2007 while coming back from Wichita Falls and a great dinner with the family.

That little speech from the DPS not only ruined my night but set me back 167.52 (including court costs.) But that has all changed! Thanks to a new law which went into effect on September 1 at midnight. The state began removing the decades old dual signs the same day and it should take upwards of 3 months to completely finish the job.

Some Safety advocates feel that the increased limits might cause more accidents. And some stretches of Interstates in Western Texas might see a bigger increase of speed limit to 85 mph. But it is too late for my wallet. But going forward, I will not have to worry about getting a ticket for going 67 mph at night.

Will you observe the new posted limits or drive faster?

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