Spencer Pratt just spoofed Taylor Swift and we can’t turn away.

The Hills alum and Swiftie dropped a Snapchat compilation of the Reputation singer’s Twitter-wrecking original and, well, it may just be his finest work yet.

In the homemade remake, uploaded on the day of the original’s VMA premiere (August 27), the 34-year-old star mouths the lyrics to Swift’s now-infamous hit while taking strolls with his dog, whimsically feeding hummingbirds and sipping soup. As one does.

Partaking in the shenanigans, a heavily pregnant Heidi Montag also makes a few cameos in the clip, first as she rummages through their fridge and then again for a quick dance break with her hilarious hubby.

Even with all the awkward takes in the video, the expectant couple seems visibly healthier and happier than ever, and their humor is contagious.

Did Speidi do Swift justice? Let us know in the comments.

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