At no point in my life have I ever suffered from spring seasonal allergies. Don't know why, but this time of year has never bothered me before, but Spring 2021 is hitting hard on most of us. I've been sneezing for the last week and it's really cramping my lawn care game. It has me where I don't even want to go outside yet. The pollen count of trees this year is at an all time high. It's like the past year of the world standing still was really beneficial to nature, and it's showing in the form of yellow-dusted cars and a ton of people playing that classic game, allergies or rona?

It's natural that some people experience itchy eyes, sneezing stopped up sinuses and the like. It's just normal. But this year is hitting so hard, people who don't normally have spring allergies are even having their own miserable days with it... I'm guessing... but good news is on the horizon in terms of the allergy outlook. While no one can accurately put a date on when they'll come to an end, all experts agree that we're at peak seasonal levels right now, meaning the pollen count has nowhere to go but down. That's good news.

Pretty soon, we'll all be mowing grass if you've sprayed them ugly weeds, cooking out on the patio, enjoying the pleasant run up to the most miserably hot time of the year. I know, I know... some people enjoy the weather at 110, I'm not one of them. I'm not built for that. I'm built for 65 and breezy. Enjoy as much of spring while you can, with the long term forecast based on what's happening in the Pacific right now, it's going to be a really hot summer.

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