Spring Break is here and the kids are excited! However, parents are desperate. You are now given a full week where you are forced to have to do SOMETHING so your kids won't destroy the house.

I've done some extensive research on what to do for and with kids to keep them entertained during the break. I suggested to my son that extra chores would certainly fill his time . . . but he didn't go for that with much enthusiasm.
1. GET OUT OF TOWN even if it is for one or two days -- and it's close to home -- a little break can do a world of good for your whole family.  Check the web for great last-minute offers on hotels and travel.  You can do it on the cheap -- and make some memories!

2. TAKE A VACATION RIGHT HERE and explore the things you might pass every day that you don't 'see' because you live here.  Visit the Wichita Mountains -- or plan something fun and different throughout the week.

3. STRUCTURE YOUR TIME  Get the kids involved on planning the week so you won't waste half the day deciding what to do. If you are going to be at work -- the time structure is going to be even more important to make sure they aren't vegging out on the couch all day.

4. GET MESSY and have some fun.  Whether it is playing outside and rolling in the mud or playing with finger paints -- take this time to do something messy with your kids -- and then teach them how to help clean up.

5. LIMIT THE SCREEN TIME.  This is important for all ages.  It's SPRING and it is meant to be spent outside doing stuff. . . not tied to a screen.  Limit the TV shows, video games and computer time during the week -- give them additional opportunities with friends and outdoor activities!