Did you miss the National Association of Letter Carriers "Stamp out Hunger" food drive on Saturday?  If you did, you can still help and you can still do your part to Stamp out Hunger.

Even though this is the nation's largest one-day food collection drive -- it still somehow got lost in the mix of Mother's Day prep for a lot of people.  But, this is a critical time for many food banks.  The food drives before the holidays bring an influx of goods -- but those are usually dwindling by spring.  With school summer break just around the corner, the food bank will be critical for many families who rely on school free lunches to help feed their kids.

Here are three easy-to-execute plans to do your part:

  1. Take it to work!  Talk to your office manager and send an email to the staff.  Do an in-house collection for five days and deliver the results to the food bank.  Celebrate your success with donuts one morning or a day off for the person who brings the most
  2. Talk to your kids!  Let them know why it is important to help people.  Take them grocery shopping and give them $10 each.  The kid who buys the most with the $10 wins a small prize.  This shows them both the value of money and the value of helping others
  3. Call and Ask!  Local food banks, even ours here in Lawton, have lists of things you can do to help -- from providing specific items for handout to providing supplies for their office to volunteering.  You can help.  Call them and ask how:  580-353-7994

Want to know more?  http://www.nalc.org/commun/foodrive/ https://www.facebook.com/lawtonfoodbank

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