I love Star Wars and I am also especially lucky to have a wife that loves it just as much as I do. I'm such a big nerd of Star Wars that I have comics, books and religiously watched the Star Wars Clone Wars T.V special and series.Now Pharrell Williams 'Happy' is perhaps one of today's best "mood lifting" songs. Whenever I hear it on someone's iPod when they have it plugged in their car or on Youtube I can't help but feel happy.

Well if there's anything that is a stereotypical it's that nerds cannot dance. Well as one I will admit that I cannot "two-step" or that "Soulja Boy" and I cringe when "Cupid Shuffle" as my wife moves gracefully with the song and I'm just awkwardly moving in place 'walking by myself.' If anything the Star Wars video proves that some of us nerds are better giving movie facts and quotes and random knowledge facts than being on the dance floor.

That's not all that 'Happy' has to offer this week, oh no, as there is another that will surely put a smile on your face.

Tea, Big Ben, Doctor Who and Cricket, only some of the things that come to mind when we hear someone talk about Great Britain. The following video has an indoor bowls (which is a different variant of bowling) championship game. As the announcer tries to get the crowd pumping and excited for the game he decides everyone should be 'Happy.'

Pay special attention to the :21 mark and the :42 mark as the crowd appears anything but. The announcer and camera guy do get points for trying though.