We aren't doing a big family vacation this year.  We're staying around the area.  We did want to find some things to do that wouldn't take us far from home.  Check out these historical landmarks that are a close drive.  Some you might never have noticed before.  We're doing a history hop next weekend to see how many we can visit in one day!  Print this list and let's go exploring!

Arrastra Site (added 1981)
Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge , Cache

Beal, Mattie, House (added 1975)
Also known as Mattie Beal Payne Mansion
5th St. and Summit Ave. , Lawton

Blockhouse on Signal Mountain (added 1978)
Off Mackenzie Hill Rd. , Fort Sill

Boulder Cabin (added 1981)
NW of Cache , Cache

Buffalo Lodge (added 1981)
NW of Cache , Cache

Building 309, Fort Sill Indian School (added 1973)
E edge of Lawton, off U.S. 62 , Lawton

Camp Comanche Site (added 1977)
Address Restricted , Fort Sill

Carnegie Library (added 1976)
B Ave. and 5th St. , Lawton

Chiefs Knoll (added 1978)
Also known as Post Cemetery
Macomb and Burrill Rds. , Fort Sill

Douglass School (added 2008)
Also known as Douglas School; Lawton Douglass School
102 E. Gore Blvd. , Lawton

Federal Building and US Courthouse (added 2000)
Jct. of SW 5th St. and SW "E" Ave. , Lawton

Ferguson House (added 1981)
Also known as Ferguson Ranch House
NW of Cache , Cache

First Christian Church (added 1985)
701 D Ave. , Lawton

First Presbyterian Church of Lawton (added 1979)
Also known as Centenary United Methodist Church of Lawton
8th St. and D Ave. , Lawton

First State Bank of Indiahoma (added 1980)
Also known as Indiahoma,Community Center
Main St. , Indiahoma

Fort Sill (added 1966)
US 62 , Fort Sill

General Officers Quarters (added 1975)
Also known as Hurley,Patrick,House
1310 Shanklin Circle , Fort Sill

Gore Pit District (added 1980)
Also known as Cm-151,324 & 325
Address Restricted , Lawton

Indian Cemeteries (added 1977)
Also known as Apache Prisoner-of-War Cemeteries, & Otipoby Comanche Cemete
Fort Sill Military Reservation , Fort Sill

Ingram House (added 1981)
NE of Cache , Cache

Lawton High School (added 1997)
Also known as Central Junior High School;Old Lawton High School
809 C Ave. , Lawton

Lawton National Guard Armory (added 2007)
600 Northwest Cache Rd. , Lawton

Mahoney-Clark House (added 1982)
513-515 W. Gore Ave. , Lawton

Medicine Bluffs (added 1974)
Medicine Bluff Creek , Fort Sill

Medicine Park Hotel and Annex (added 1979)
E. Lake Dr. , Medicine Park

Meers Mining Camp (added 1978)
Also known as Meers
20 mi. (32 km) NW of Lawton , Lawton

Methodist Episcopal Church, South (added 1985)
Also known as Centenary Methodist Church
702 D Ave. , Lawton

Old Tower Two (added 1974)
NW of Lawton at jct. of Signal Mountain and Tower Two Rds. , Lawton

Parker, Quanah, Star House (added 1970)
Also known as Quanah Parker House
Eagle Park , Cache

Penateka (added 1976)
Also known as Chief's House
3.5 mi. W of Elgin on U.S. 277 , Elgin

Post, Henry, Air Field (added 1978)
N of Lawton on Fort Sill , Lawton