We've never been on a real vacation as a family.  Dillon is always traveling between his mom and his dad.  We don't have him during the summer, so there is little time to do real 'vacation' type things.  So far, his idea of a vacation is exclusive to:  going camping or visiting family.

That is why we are doing something a little different, a LOT different.  We are planning a stealth trip to Disney in Florida.

Of course, the stealth-part of this arrangement is:  no on has told our 10-year old we are going.  He is totally in the dark.  Doesn't even know we're going on vacation!

It's more of a huge educational experience for him.  We are focusing on a lot of his areas of interest and areas which he has determined he might like to pursue in high school, college and beyond.  This is the education part of the trip.  The rest will be pure family fun.

Yes, he'll have to miss a couple days of school around the Thanksgiving holiday, but in this once-in-a-lifetime event, we think it is worth it.

So, how and WHEN are we going to tell him?  We've decided it will be as we are driving to the airport.  In fact, we are going with another family. . .maybe we'll tell him we are dropping THEM off at the airport and then tell them AT the airport??

We know if we tell him way in advance, there will be no concentrating and no studying being done between now and then. . . .and we really want him to experience that joy and wonder.

So, how would YOU tell your kid they are going to Disney??  Link to our Facebook and give me some good ideas!