While she's indisputably a rock 'n' roll legend, Stevie Nicks has never been known for her acting. So what possessed her to play a version of herself on an upcoming episode of 'American Horror Story: Coven'?

As the Fleetwood Mac frontwoman recently told Rolling Stone, saying no wasn't an option, even though she'd sworn off acting after a disastrous appearance in her fourth-grade play. As it turns out, she's a huge fan of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, the writing duo behind 'AHS,' as well as 'Glee' and 'Nip/Tuck.' "I was very attracted to 'Glee,' and to Ryan and Brad's writing of misfits. They write about people who don't fit in," she explained, adding that in her youth, "I was always the new girl. I was lucky, because I managed to be such the chameleon that I did fit in."

So when Murphy and Falchuk came calling, Nicks felt like she couldn't refuse. "I could say, 'I'm not an actress, so it's going to suck -- but I will be glad to try, for you,'" she recalled, admitting her fear of failing in public. "I don't want to be bad at anything that I do that people see. If I try to learn to skate and I'm terrible, nobody's going to know about it. But it was really fun. I now belong to a very secret society. And you'll be surprised -- not with my terrific acting, but with the whole thing."

And while she may not think too highly of her own acting chops, Nicks did appreciate the opportunity to watch the show's talented cast at work. "I got to watch Jessica Lange do scene after scene where she was perfect," she marveled. "I got to watch the little witches, who were also amazing -- Emma Roberts is so evil that it's just scary. You can't help but think of Julia Roberts, and you'd never think anything evil about her -- but Emma is just great."