After what seemed like an eternity, Netflix finally dropped the highly-anticipated second season of Stranger Things at midnight on Friday (October 27). The streaming service delivered nine new episodes for diehard fans of the fantasy drama, which won over viewers and critics alike last year faster than they could say say "Eleven."

Of course, this means that there are some very sleep-deprived people out there, who tuned in during the wee hours to see what's been going since we last spent time in Hawkins, Indiana. There are a whole slew of questions to be answered and we don't want to include any spoilers, so we'll skip any details that may ruin it for you.

If you haven't watched yet (and, seriously, what's taking you so long?), you may want to cancel your weekend plans and engage in some serious binge-watching. The early reviews indicate that your Friday night may be best spent curled up on your couch because the fans are already raving.

Check out the positive reviews from Twitter:

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