On Friday's (April 14) reunion episode of Mama June: From Not to Hot, Sugar Bear, Mama June and June's daughter Pumpkin get into an ugly, profanity-laden brawl which ends with Sugar Bear tearing off his shirt and hurling threats. Classic reality TV reunion show antics, no?

"Come on over here, you little b---h," Mike "Sugar Bear" Thompson, who recently remarried, screams at Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon, as crew members try to restrain them.

"You touch her, I swear to God, I will f---ing kill you," June Shannon shouts back at him.

"That's why you're a f---ing piece of s--- father!" Pumpkin slings back at him.

Meanwhile, as her family members do battle, Honey Boo Boo plays with her phone in what looks like an attempt to block out the chaos around her. Smart girl.

There's a whole lot more yelling and wailing and bleeped-out swear words in the clip. It looks like quite the brouhaha—exactly what fans expect seeing these folks back together once again.

Unfortunately, you'll have to watch the full episode to see how things turn out: What becomes of Sugar Bear's wardrobe? Does he do the whole show in that shredded shirt? Does everyone finally calm down and have a pleasant, reasonable chat about what's going on in all their lives?

Nah! There's probably a ton more fighting and arguing and cussing... just what everyone really wants.

Watch a preview up top.

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