Not stuffed enough from "Bon Appetit" and "Chained to the Rhythm"? You're in luck: Katy Perry's serving up yet another slice of her forthcoming fourth studio album Witness — and it features one very special guest: Miss Nicki Minaj.

Tonight, the Teenage Dream pop princess surprised KatyCats with a screenshot of a FaceTime with the Pink Friday superstar, announcing the surprise arrival of "Swish Swish" at midnight on this #NewMusicFriday (May 19). The song's arrivals comes alongside the pre-order of Witness.

"Swish swish, bish / Another one in the basket," Katy cockily purrs on the empowering uptempo.

"Your game is tired, you should retire / You're 'bout as cute as an old coupon expired / Karma's not a liar, she keeps receipts." (No, really, just look at that "Karma Coffee & Tea" receipt on the song's artwork.) Shall we expect a bunch of is-this-one-about-Taylor Swift thinkpieces in the morning?

And as for Nicki's verse? Seems like she's referencing Remy for a second there before carrying on with her business: "Silly rap beefs just give me more checks."

Listen below.

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