Today like every day of the week, we will have many tasks given to us, meetings to attend and deadlines to meet. But, the biggest challenge we face daily will arrive on schedule at noon. Where and what to eat for lunch.

I have had this issue and even though it should be an easy one to fix, it still is a lengthy thought process. And again, today will be no exception.  Within a 10 minute drive of our studio, there are a number of places to eat. At almost any given corner of the major roads in Lawton, you will find eating establishments on all 4 sides. Granted it may all be fast food, but there are choices.

You can go from East to West or North to South and have a wide variety to choose from. Mexican, Chinese, Korean, Filipino, American. Hamburgers, pizza, corn dogs whatever you so desire. Buffet or menu dining. Sit down or take out.  You could spend the entire morning debating what and where, only to change your mind once you see how crowded the place is when you get there.

Don't forget there a bunch of small mom and pop eateries located all over Lawton as well. This city is not restaurant poor. Restaurants will come and go. Lawton is in the middle of a change. We have seen several new places to eat in the last year and there are more to come. Anxious to see what awaits us with the Second Street project as far as food goes.

Now that I have mapped this all out, I'll go back to my original question. Where and what to eat for lunch. I guess I'll just get in the car and stop when it feels right.

Do you have a set method when it comes to choosing lunch?