Lawton Man Shoots Himself in the Leg While in His Vehicle
A Lawton man is recovering after shooting himself in the leg while in his vehicle. The accident occurred yesterday evening around 7:00 pm on the corner of 38th Street and Lee Blvd. According to the reports he was trying to pull his firearm from his pocket and accidentally shot himself.
3 Year Old Gets Launched Over 100 Feet in the Air by Kite
WARNING: This video is hard to watch and maybe upsetting to some viewers, hit play at your own discretion. The video shows an incredibly close call with death that took place at a kite festival overseas. A 3 year old girl in Taiwan was accidentally wrapped up and tangled in a large kite tail that la…
This Train Gets Destroyed Trying to Go Under a Bridge!
If you think you're having a bad day and things aren't going your way, take a moment, hit play and be glad you're not this guy. Somehow an engineer just about demolished a train by attempting to go under a bridge that was just a  little too short. Size DOES matter and funny enoug…