The Top 10 Most Terrifying Turkey Attacks
Maybe it's payback for all those Thanksgiving meals or are they trying to dismantle mankind and place themselves at the top of the food chain? Judge for yourself and witness the shocking brutality of when turkeys attack!
Massive Red Tailed Hawk Shows up in Downtown Lawton!
Earlier this morning I was in the studio and heard a huge crash against the window. It was so loud and sudden that I nearly fell out of my chair, I wasn't expecting it and it definitely scared me. I opened up the blinds and couldn't really see anything. I was pretty sure it was a bird that hit the window. So I went to investigate.
10 Birds Who Are Lady Gaga’s Biggest Fans
Birds are funny creatures, mainly because they're prone to unfortunate (and hilarious) haircuts. They also have a particular knack for jamming out to music, and they're pretty good at it, too! Remember that master beatboxer dubstep bird? That was just a measly intro to birdy talent.
The Pope’s Dove of Peace Was Attacked by a Seagull
Just as he finished a sermon on Sunday, Pope Benedict XVI symbolically released two doves into the air as a call for peace. But soon after the birds took flight, an aggressive seagull began dive bombing one of them. Uh oh. We're generally not superstitious, but we sure hope this isn't a sign of bad things to come.
World’s Most Stubborn Bird Won’t Leave Perch on Windshield Wiper [VIDEO]
If you’ve ever feed pigeons in the park or seagulls at the beach, you’d know that some of our feathered friends have become pretty comfortable getting up close and personal with humans. This little fellow — who stubbornly refuses to leave its perch on a windshield wiper even as the car’s driver switches the wipers on and off — takes that comfort to another level. Check out the video below: Read M