Become Pen Pals With an Oklahoma American Bison!
How would you like to become pen pals with a buffalo? Okay, okay I know technically they're called American Bison. But around here we call them buffalo, or at least most of us do anyway. There's a herd of bison in N.E. Oklahoma who are getting a lot of fan mail and even sending out postcards and letters to their fans. These buffalo enjoy receiving mail and would like for you to send them a letter. You can ask questions or just tell them about yourself. Who knows you might get a letter back and start a beautiful friendship!
The Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge Is The Perfect Day-cation Getaway!
This past weekend the family and I where looking for something to do so we decided to take a little trip to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. It's been awhile since we've been out there, plus the weather was perfect for a quick hike and picnic. Before we hit the road we checked the TravelOK app to plan our attack and we even found some new places we've never visited before.
Woman Plays Dead to Escape Buffalo Attack
The woman in this video is charged by a buffalo and she trips trying to run away from it. So she played dead and it actually worked the buffalo lost interest and eventually walked away. She got lucky, real lucky!