Vaccine Passports Could Become a Reality Sometime Soon
The main topic for the past several weeks has been the loosening of COVID-19 restrictions and mask mandates. Seems more and more cities, counties and states are doing way with their mandatory regulations and rules concerning public health, as it relates to the pandemic. Of course this has caused a lot of heated debate and arguments over the past couple of weeks. Some say it's too early and others are saying it's about time. Now that we have a wide spread COVID-19 vaccine and most of the population is getting vaccinated, we're all wondering when we'll be seeing a return to normal?
Free COVID-19 Testing in Lawton
If you're needing to be tested for COVID-19 you can stop by the Great Plains Coliseum 920 S.W. Sheridan Road or go to the Comanche County Health Department 1010 S.W. Sheridan Road. Both locations will have FREE drive thru COVID-19 testing today (01-05-21) and on (01-07-21) from 10:00am until 5:00pm.