Get Ready for More Potholes in Lawton
If you thought Lawton roads and potholes were bad before, you haven't seen nothing yet. Thanks to the winter storm we had last week with all the snow, ice and water everywhere along with the dirt, salt and plowing it's definitely going to do some damage to our roads. All the freezing tempe…
Don't Drink And Drive
Last year, the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office responded to 158 crashes over the 5-day St. Patrick's Day holiday period that involved alcohol or drugs.
Texting & Driving in Oklahoma
The Oklahoma State House of Representatives passed a bill Tuesday (02-24-15) that will prohibit drivers from texting while operating a motor vehicle. HB 1965 by state Rep. Terry O’Donnell, R-Catoosa was passed with overwhelming support.
Thought Provoking Interactive Anti-Texting and Driving Ad [VIDEO]
The last two times I was involved in an accident the person who hit me was either on their phone or texting. Luckily for me they were both low speed collisions and one was in a parking lot. It's estimated that texting and driving or mobile phone use is now the leading cause of death behind the wheel…
Drive To Stay Alive This Thanksgiving
Oklahoma roadways are expected to be busy during the Thanksgiving holiday period, and the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office is urging motorists to take extra precautions to keep drivers and passengers safe.
Most Annoying Driving Habits
I have driven in a lot of big cities; Minneapolis, Detroit, Houston, Dallas, Chicago and more. Although traffic is heavy in these cities I think that drivers in the Lawton area are the most distracted drivers anywhere.
Consumer Reports' National Research Center asked 895 Americans to rate the 20…

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