The Holy City of the Wichitas Could Be Shutting Down
The Holy City of the Wichitas could be closing due to financial challenges. The Holy City operates and is open thanks to donations from visitors and of course a lot of those visitors come for the annual Easter pageant "The Price of Peace." With the COVID-19 pandemic last year the pageant w…
Leftover Ham Recipes
Welcome to the post-Easter Hamfest!  We LOVE leftovers, and the traditional ham sandwich really can't be improved upon.  However, there are more meals that can be made with those yummy leftovers.  In fact, we suggest you spend a few hours prepping and then you can freeze meals to…
Meals For Leftover Ham
By now, you've already had at least one ham sandwich.  There is still 5 lbs of cooked ham in the fridge and no one wants to waste it -- or to live on sandwiches for the next week.  Here are some great meals you can make to use up that yummy ham!
Easter Pageant [PHOTOS]
For our date night Saturday night, David and I decided to attend the Easter Pageant at the Holy City of the Wichitas. Neither of us had been.
Easter Morning Traditions
Is there such a thing as traditional Easter Dinner menu?  Is there something your family always eats on Easter Sunday?  Maybe it's hot Cross Buns, as the nursery rhymes says, if you have no daughters, give them to your sons!
Disastrous Results Baking a Sunflower Cake for Easter
As almost everyone knows, I don't bake.  It's not that I can't cook, it's just I don't like to bake.
I posted a recipe for an easy last minute Easter Cake.  It looked easy enough to make so I decided to try to bake it last night.  Here are the results:
Sunflower Cake Recipe
Easter is such a fun holiday.  It is the beginning of spring and everything is new and bright and fun.  I was checking out the Taste of Home website and found a recipe for a really cute Easter cake made with Peeps.  The best part  - it's made with a box cake mix.

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