More Oklahoma Lakes are on the Mercury Advisory List
More Oklahoma lakes have been added to the mercury consumption advisory list recently. Seven lakes have been found to have fish with higher levels of mercury contamination so they have been added to the ODEQ (Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality).
This Weekend it’s “FREE FISHING DAYS” in Oklahoma!
Oklahoma's "Free Fishing Days" are coming up this weekend starting Saturday, June 5th through Sunday, June 6th (06-05-21 to 06-06-21). You can fish local and area public lakes, ponds and other places throughout Oklahoma without the need for a state fishing license. It's the perfe…
City of Lawton Shares Some Tips for Lake Season
It's starting to get warmer and warmer outside and before you know it we'll be heading to the lakes for some Summer fun. We're actually seeing a Spring this year as temperatures slowly rise. Normally we go from cold to hot with no gradual change, but this year it's been nice to h…
Guy Builds Drone to Carry Him Over Lakes to Fish! [VIDEO]
It's one small step for man, one giant leap for fishermen! A guy in Australia built a drone to carry him over lakes so he could fish, BRILLIANT! This drone is big enough to carry him, his fishing tackle, poles and of course a cold beer. He even has a cup holder!
Fishing with Rockets on a Frozen Lake [VIDEO]
Every now and then you see something and say "Why didn't I think of that?" This is definitely one of those times! Some kids in Sweden were out on a frozen lake and one of them had a brilliant ideal. They shot rockets off underwater and under the ice creating an all new sport a…

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